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Gigglepin Hurrican Gears faster winch speed
Gigglepin Hurricane Gear Set

Gigglepin Hurricane Gear Set

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Some winch users require above average speeds for their winches. The Hurricane gear set has been designed to give increased speed & improved strength.

This set of two gears replaces the BrakeShaft & the lower drive gear (7550) in your 8274 or GP winch. The new 15 tooth BrakeShaft offers improved tooth contact and has a built in small cam gear for enhanced reliability. The large drive gear has been reduced to from 66 to 62 teeth and offers the following speed increases-

Standard ratios                                       Fitted with Hurricane gears

    STD    133.28:1                                    Becomes +31%   91.82:1

+ 15%    115.41:1                                    Becomes +40%   79.50:1

+ 25%    100.94:1                                    Becomes +48%   69.53:1

+ 40%      83.75:1                                    Becomes +57%   57.69:1

+ 50%      66.56:1                                    Becomes +66%   45.86:1

+ 60%      53.68:1                                    Becomes +72%   36.98:1

Please note if you are fitting this kit to a standard Warn 8274 lower housing that has not already been fitted with a Gigglepin SuperShaft you will require our fitting/Shim Kit (G19008) in order to install this gearset. 
Please select from the options if you require this. 

Please note these are only compatible with the Gigglepin Large Cam Gear.

Product Brand: Gigglepin
Product Code: G19002/G19008