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Terms of Service

Intended Use

Off-road driving is an inherently dangerous activity.  Some modifications will adversely affect the on road handling characteristics of your vehicle. All products sold by Smithi Engineering are sold for off-road use only. Any other application or use is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or user. Some modifications and installation of certain aftermarket parts will void your original dealer warranty. Modification of your vehicle may create dangerous conditions, which could cause serious bodily injury or death. Buyers of these products hereby expressly assume all risks associated with any such modifications and use. Smithi Engineering also strongly recommends that all products be installed by trained professionals only.

Conditions of Use

Product Application / Liability Disclaimer

Aftermarket accessories are intended to modify and/or prepare the vehicle for uses that may exceed conditions anticipated by the vehicle manufacturer. The uses include high performance demands and negotiation of rough terrain. These conditions have extreme variance and cannot be controlled by the vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket accessory manufacturer. Therefore, the safe control of your vehicle is entirely your responsibility. Do not purchase parts from Smithi Engineering unless you are willing to accept this responsibility.