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'No more heavy double hooks!'

An exciting innovation from Gigglepin.

Gigglepin Hook Links are a must have product for any Adventurer, Off-road racer and anyone else that uses ropes and rigging. It allows the user to quickly attach and detach ropes and straps without having to use fiddly shackles.

These lightweight double hooks are manufactured in the UK from 6082 T6 in standard form (G20018) and 7075 Pro, (G20017) for those that require extreme strength.

With a large throat and easy-push spring catches, it is simple to use and feels good in the hand. Rated to 4.5 tonne in 6082 T6 and a massive 6.5 tonne in 7075. It’s strong and lightweight, weighing just 0.96kg in 6082 T6, and 0.99kg in 7075.

Those saved seconds can make all the difference when heading for a step on the podium!

Compatible with all Gigglepin TreeLinx, ChokeLinx and CageLinx, as well as with most proprietary branded tree protectors and recovery straps. Choose Standard or Pro from the options and change the way you winch today!

Never spend time searching for your Hook Link, add it to your order and check it out here.

Join the Hook-Link revolution!


Note: Not for use in lifting applications.

Protected by United Kingdom Registered Design Right 6132184, 6132186, issued by the UKIPO (United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office).  International in process.

Product Brand: Gigglepin
Product Code: G21018/G21017